Bad Idea Theater

Unsolicited fake testimonials

"Wow! What a great bunch of guys!! They're not nearly as creepy as they seem."
Barbie Cue

"Those are some great drinks, you can hardly taste the tuna fish!"
Frank Lee Idoangivadam

"The monkeys they have typing their webpages are really cute."
Helena Handbasket

"Well, they paid for the damage, but my goldfish has never been the same."
Hugh Mungus

"Hey, their webpages use all the letters and they use capitals too!! These are some smart cookies!"
Jim Nayzium

"Now I know what they mean when they say 'There's no bones in ice cream'. That one had me stumped, thanks guys!"
Hal Itosis

"Bad Idea Theater, Its like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!"
Capt. Hazel Murpy

"I laughed until I stopped!"
Orson Welles

"This sort of thing was definitely not part of my vision for the event."
Larry H.Arvey

"Fills the room with room-filling sound!"
Madman Muntz

George Bailey

"It really tied the plaza together."
Walter Sobchak

"Hail Xenu!"
Tom Cruise


Bad Idea Theater takes no responsibility for the fake testimonials written here. All thoughts and ideas are those of the fictional people writing them. We don't even know these guys,... really!

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