Bad Idea Theater Old News

April 2015

Short notice! BIT Lite will be at Saguaro Man 2015 Arizona Regional Burn, April 29 - May 3. Saguaro Man

This is a five day event so providing we can get there early enough, that's four nights of insanely crazy movies and popcorn. SM tickets are cheap at 65 bucks!

Thanks everybody who visited us at BEquinox in March!

YOUtopia  ...October 16-19,  2014

We will set up the small movie theater once again at YOUtopia. Looks like Tickets are still available. They sold out last year. Hope to see you there!

June 2014

DANG IT!  We're very sorry, but due to circumstances beyond our control,
Bad Idea Theater will not be at 2014 Burning Man
Yes, currently we're listed on as a 2014 theme camp, but it ain't gonna happen.

This is a big disappointment to us, but we will have another go at it in 2015. In the meantime, look for us at SoCal events like San Diego decom and BEquinox in Joshua Tree.

January 2014

Fund raiser on February 1st for Mike & Kay. Details here. If you can't come to the fund raiser, a page has been set up for donations.

21 October 2013

Another YOUtopia gone by...

We had a fine time at San Diego decom a.k.a. YOUtopia. As usual, thanks to everybody who vistited!


BEquinox in Joshua Tree, 20-23 March 2014

BURNING MAN 2014!   Or so the plan goes...

YOUtopia  ...October 2013

Happy to say that we will set up Bad Idea Theater "Lite" once again at San Diego decom a.k.a. YOUtopia, in October. As usual, we will be dishing out bad movies and good popcorn, and perhaps a cocktail now and then.

Hope to see you there!

Burning Man 2013

Sorry to say we will not have a theme camp at Burning Man 2013. The good news is there is serious talk about 2014.
Also, we WILL most likely be at San Diego decom in October.

In the meantime, you might drop in on our friends at Cheezy Porn camp on the playa.

August 2012

In happier news, we will set up BAD IDEA THEATER Lite at the upcoming San Diego Decom event Youtopia. With any luck there may be as many as three nights of cheezy movies starting October 18 (or on the 19th if we get a late start). It's uncertain if there will be a bar but you can always bring yer own hootch.

14 February 2012

We regret to announce that Bad Idea Theater may not be at Burning Man for the first time in over a decade. We were not able to confirm that we would have the manpower, logistics and backing to bring our little circus to the Playa for 2012. Also, the ticket situation has complicated the picture. The work of putting together the theme camp is too much to do at the last minute. We apologize to all of our regulars who have in the past made this such a rewarding task for us. We hope that we will return in the future, and until then, we hope to see you at regional events.

SAN DIEGO DECOM - October 16-18,  2009

It's offical, BAD IDEA THEATER LITE will set up at "Dreamland Station", this year's San Diego Decom event. Two nights of psychotronic movie mistakes under the stars. Daytime, god-knows-what libations will be distributed. What could go wrong? If we find we have cellphone coverage down there, we may twitter about what we are doing. We may not. This is what's known as SPINE TINGLING SUSPENSE!


For reasons we don't understand, you can now follow BAD IDEA THEATER on Twitter. What your motivation for doing this might be, we cannot say.

Burning Man 2009

Burning Man 2008

A quick youtube video of BIT and Radio Free Burning Man from 2008

2006 News:

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