Bad Idea Theater Through the ages

Formed as a cabal in the early years of the dark ages, Bad Idea Theater ( the modern translation ) has been instrumental in forming the policies and customs of our modern world. BIT's involvement behind the scenes, while not always at the forefront have nonetheless helped to shape mankinds destiny.

A.D. 1348 In order to raise funds to further the goals of the organization, BIT Began its first commercial enterprise. The result being the emergence of Bad Idea Theater Rat Farms. The Rat Farms were constructed at strategic points across Europe from Venice to Warsaw. This ensured that all of Europe would have all the rats it needed. plague

October 8, 1871 As the midwest of the United States became a major distribution point for cattle in the late 17th century, Bad Idea Theater began work in the field of bovine management. Serving the needs of the Irish ranching community, Bad Idea Theater was instrumental in convincing ranchers to improve the lighting in their barns. This dovetailed nicely with the BIT kerosene lamp factory. The great Chicago Fire

1905 Bad Idea Theater engineers, having done extensive hydrological modeling whilst bathing, suggest more aggressive diversion of Colorado River waters for irrigation of the California desert. The California Development Company was thus persuaded to cut unauthorized diversions in the river bank. We feel it is important to note that BIT only offered recommendations on how to increase water flow, nothing was said about stopping it. If the intentional channeling of a portion of the river was good, then the accidental diversion of the entire flow of the Colorado River was certainly better. Had it not been for the two year so-called "flood", we would not have the lovely fragrant Salton Sea today, nor the phrase "We meant to do that."
Salton Sea

April 14th,1912 Acting as technical consultants for the White Star line, BIT was on board the H.M.S Titanic for her maiden voyage. BIT was able to convince the owners to save money by removing half of the lifeboats as they were unnecessary on an unsinkable ship. H.M.S. Titanic

  May 6th,1937 Dr. Hugo Eckner, the chairman of Zeppelin, had decided that it would be the wisest course to inflate his new ship with the nonflammable gas helium. Due to the poor economy of pre WWII Germany, Bad Idea Theater suggested the use of the much more inexpensive hydrogen, coining the phrase "Helium, Schmelium!, Lets have some Schnitzel!". Eckner rewarded BIT's help with the first airborne concession stand "Adolph's Flame Grilled Schnitzel" Hindenburg

1940 found Bad Idea Theater once again consulting, this time on materials and construction techniques for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. BIT innovation was responsible for this "flexible" design (affectionately nicknamed "Galloping Gertie"), which as usual resulted in a somewhat reduced cost.This turned out to be quite fortuitous, as due to the short life span of the bridge it would have been a shame to have put any more of the public's money into it. We were also able to salvage much of the material and have recycled it as our Burning Man dome structure, employing many of the same ground breaking construction techniques. Tacoma Narrows/Galloping Gertie Galloping Gertie

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